White Mountain Studio

Are you looking for a hit single or a whole album, a jingle to represent your business or some guitar tracks for your own songs? Then you’re at the right place here at White Mountain Studio.

Located in the stunning Austrian Alps, White Mountain Studio is a contemporary recording/production facility offering high end equipment and the latest in music software. We are a team of professional musicians who offer high quality music recording and production services in our newly built recording studio. With us you get the chance to collaborate with top class session musicians and producers who have the know-how and creativity to take your music to the next level.

Whether its just one song or a whole album, we have the skills and expertise that you are looking for at the perfect price.
Need a piece of music to advertise your product, hotel or company? We can create the perfect sound for you.  Our online production feature allows you to complete your tracks from the comfort of your own home. Find out more on our Services page.
Film & Game 
Guitar Tracking 
Our specifically designed recording studio allows you to record vocals and lead instruments at competitive prices, giving you a great sound for a great price. Experienced in audio visual production, we can produce music for films, documentaries, computer games and much more. With music to picture sync we can deliver the right style for your project. We specialise in guitars. This simple and effective method of providing you with the missing guitar parts for your tracks is a perfect and affordable choice.
Band Demos 
Backing Tracks 
You can professionally  record your band demo here at our studio. We can arrange, produce, mix and master your tracks to give you a first class sound. Do you need backing tracks for your live gigs? We can create, record or re-record your existing tracks to give them a new lease of life. Optimise your track for an amazing sound with our dedicated mastering facility. We offer a fast turnaround time at a great price. Contact us for more information.

We specialise in songwriting. We can write songs from scratch to your requirements or you can provide us with a simple melody/chords and we can implement your ideas into an amazing sounding track. We are experienced in writing in a range of styles and have written for international artists such as Dj Ötzi and artists specialised in particular genres of music such as Schlager and Volksmusik.

New — Online Service

Do you have a song written but no musicians available to record or do you have everything recorded but still need a guitar solo? 

We can provide you with the missing parts to your music using our Online Music Production service with either live instruments or virtual instruments. Its quick, easy and affordable and everything can be done via the internet, no need to come to the studio. See our Services page for more information.

Manned by Andy Neuner and Mitch Gasser, two professional musicians with years of experience in both the live sector and recording industry, White Mountain Studio can give you the support and guidance you need so that you can achieve the best possible result.

Brunnfeldweg 20
6433 Oetz